Monday, June 3, 2013

Kid Shoot

The kid shoot at Nancy's was fun.  I wish there was more kids there. 

I did get a chance to spend some time with one little boy.  He was maybe 7?  8?  There was a language barrier so instruction was hard.  And his form was terrible!  Nothing I could do to correct it.  Being left eye dominant but right handed didn't help.  But eventually he turned to a natural bench shooter stance/position, with his off hand at the base of the stock.  Horrible form, but dang if he wasn't a dead eye crack shot after a handful to get used to it.  Then he was hitting all the metal poppers, repeatedly, dozens of times.  His sisters were pretty good.  He did best with my 10/22 and it's peep sights.  The semi-auto nature of it, after shooting a bunch of singles, was a big hit for him.

New things I got to shoot...  Bubblehead Les's mauser with a scout sight.  JD Rush's bullpup Steyr set up for lefites.  OldNFO's Colt Mustang was a novelty.  I shot it pretty good and it only jammed once, ftf.  And I was lucky enough to shoot the flintlock musket twice.  It was a oppurtunity to give JayG the remnants of the UN helmet we blew up at a Northcoast blogshoot.


Marty said...

Sorry I missed it!

Bubblehead Les. said...

It was great to be there with you and other members of the Tribe. The good news is that preliminary discussions on technical details are under way for NEXT years shoot!

Mark your Calendar.

Nancy R. said...

So glad you could make it!

agirlandhergun said...

Thank you so much for working with our little guy. Your patience and kindness made for a wonderful day for him.

Lovely memories and it was so nice to meet you!

Michael W. said...


It was good to see you again, you did great with the musket. There is some talk about doing a black powder 101 shoot in the fall, if you are interested.

Dr. Mike

Geodkyt said...

With the lessons learned, set up and break down will be way more efficient at subsequent events. With a LOT fewer trips up and down the durned hill. {grin}

Mike W. said...

Good to see ya again Tbolt, even if it was only for a few minutes.