Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lil Yellow Flags

They really seem to calm a range officer or gunstore clerk or gunsmith right down.

"Lemme see your heater," is common enough thing to hear in those places, and then... it's like folks are holding their breath.  Wincing even.  Some yahoo is about to take an unknown quantity out of a gun rug.   Even when that yahoo is me.  Is this activity gonna get really loud really fast all of a sudden.

I like to keep a chamber-empty flag on those guns.  When they see that, everyone calms right down.  Even if not wholly justifiable.  Because, I mean, you can still screw up and have that flag in there AND a round in the chamber.  Why, is beyond me.  To go to the trouble to do something that stupid...  At least the gun is clearly out of battery.

Anyhoo, little yellow flag makes the appearance, and everyone exhales. 

And people often look down on Tapco products as cheap and flimsy, but, for this application they are just fine.


B said...

If it is a chamber flag, you can't have a round and the flag occupy the same space....

And in an auto, the firearm is at least out of battery, and likely safe that way.

Old NFO said...

Yep calm is good! :-)

DoninSacto said...

Thanks, just ordered some.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh, but you can indeed have a round chambered and a chamber flag in place, B.

And it doesn't take malice to make this happen. Just a shooter unfamiliar with the full concept.