Friday, November 21, 2014

S&W .45

Hmmm, I did think one of us needed a S&W M&P.  And this one is still legal in Maryland.  And I have .45 ammo.  Plus this trigger from Apex looks neat...

I don't think it is a 'duty' trigger.  Meaning, better for race gun, less good for CCW, but it's hard to tell with Apex without really studying the website.

Still legal because it's a 10 round magazine, and you can't buy bigger magazines than that in the state.  The only thing is it would mean I would be playing Maryland's reindeer games.  Forced to take training classes.  Forced to get fingerprints.

My intention is to never deal with the state while the current regulator regime exists.  But that does limit my selection on what I can purchase in the future, legally, now doesn't it.  And a pistol is not one of the things on the list of do-ables, really.

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