Sunday, November 30, 2014

More BBs

And that kid in OH that got killed because he had a BB gun around cops. 

As a kid, I remember being confused when a cop DIDN'T shoot a robber when he caught up him after a chase. I based my young knowledge on the workings of law enforcement on how justice worked at my house. You did sumthing bad enough a parent quickly caught you and meted out the justice of a spanking.

Also I was influenced by TV. Marine Boy and Speed Racer and Johnny Soko and His Flying Robut and the Adventures of SupermanGet Smart.  Various 40s movies that came on at noon on Saturday.  It always seemed, to me, then, that the cops would show up, see a crime being committed, and open up.  Obviously I was confused.  But I knew I didn't want the police to see me on anything but my best behavior.  To save me skin!  Silly, I know.  So is having the assumption that everyone grows up like that.

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