Thursday, November 6, 2014

Offset Sights

Offset sights are kinda neat.  In battle, what if your optics break and are suddenly opaque?  What if the optics are set up for long range and trouble starts close at hand?  What if your AR is a race gun is set up for long range and you want to cut the transition time to close stuff?

Cant the rifle 45 degrees and use the offset backup iron sights.

But why so 'tall'?  Off the shelf AR sights are like that for good readon.  It where the sights have to be when you have a cheek weld on the straight stock of an AR.  So, all off the shelf after market BUIS sights are gonna be like that, too.  But if you hang the sights off the side of the rifle, then maybe they don't have to be so tall.  I wonder if some supplier is thinking of a more streamlined shorter offering.  I bet so.


Daniel Watters said...

What makes you think your cheekweld on an AR stock gets any lower when you rotate the rifle? The radius of the stock comb is based on the round receiver extension (buffer tube).

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Good point, but they already 'lift' the sight with the arm of the offsetting.

Daniel Watters said...

However, don't forget that the rail on top is also raised to accommodate the charging handle. It had to be thick enough to prevent breaking through the roof of the receiver at the bottom of the rail's cross-cuts. Proper design of the offset mount should place the sights at the appropriate height.