Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Range report

MBtGE has a new range near him and it is nicer than the very nice facilities at NRA headquarters. A friend of MBtGE was thinking on getting a pistol and was leaning toward a .40 of some flavor, so I was enlisted to bring mine to hae a variety of pistols to try. She has been shooting before. More than a few times. And was a pretty good shot, so this was a shopping trip.

Why .40? Because .40 was in fashion the last time the shooters she knows paid attention to shooting fashion. She tried out what we had, and all we had was .40, except I got MBtGE to let her try the Glock 17 he CCWs. 9mm. She liked that a lot. We also realized that somebody is gonna have to get an M&P of some flavor someday.

But his range is really nice. Indoors, of course, with 40+ lanes. The backstop is shredded tires, it looks like, and they can let you fire a .50 in there. One set of lanes was 100 yards. 100! No more zeroing in the cold right before hunting season.

And the place is silent. You walk in and can't hear a sound, even though 20 lanes are active RIGHT then, 20 feet away. It's amazing. The air handling system is also quit impressive.

And here is a sampling of my usual work, lately.  Low and right, as normal.  But not like that foot low and 6 inches right.


JB Miller said...

Thanks for coming out! We will be going there often. I just went again last night with JayG!

Guffaw in AZ said...

Unsolicited recommendations for .40?

Beretta 92 - if her fingers are long enough to reach the trigger.


Sig 226

Both veritable tack drivers!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

We ran her with a Beretta AND a SIG229. Didn't like the Beretta and the Sig had standard too-thick grips.

Old NFO said...

You're definitely improving NJT! Keep at it!!!