Monday, February 2, 2015

Deadly Wildlife Encounter

This is just a new cover up.  Packs of Willoughby Kodiaks have been rampaging along the eastern bank of the Cuyahoga.  Dozens of people have been eaten.  The media lies to you.  Plus this particularly aggressive Bruin doesn't leave witnesses.

Pff.  They wish it was just a Black Bear. Wonder what caliber for 12 foot tall rampaging bear?

In other news, the temperature looks quite temperate at the Northcoast.  Unseasonable, even.


LCB said...

I love the paper squirrel head.

I couldn't listen to the report (at work) but I watched...Black Bears in Ohio is a thing. As far north as Cleveland? Maybe. They're certainly back in the lower part of Ohio around Portsmouth, and one was seen and photographed in Springboro (just south of Dayton) a year or two ago.

David said...

The "re-creation" of the bear was friggin' hilarious!

I mean really, if you feel that your viewers have to be shown what a black bear walking through the woods looks like, couldn't you edit in some Animal Planet or Nat Geo? Maybe even Wild Kingdom?

But a person all hunched over, carrying a cardboard bear cutout? Still laughing...