Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Glowball Warmening

You ever hear some Swampy Hairshirt talk about running cars on a Waster Engine, or Fuel Cells, or Fusion?  This Hippy likes to end this pitch extolling 'the only thing that comes out of the tail pipe is harmless water vapor...'

Like it's a good thing!  In 25 years it will be a hate crime to tout water vapor as harmless when man made water vapor is actually the worst pollutant we produce.  CO2 isn't the most dangerous CAGW gas we make, it's WATER VAPOR!

Have you seen pictures from the mid 19th Century in Washington DC?  People wore double breasted wool suits with a waistcoat.  In the summer.  Nowadays they wear Birkenstock sandals and an open collar cotton short sleeve shirt.  You know why?  It wasn't humid back then.  It's sure humid now!  Global Warming.  Plus humidity.  All because you want clock radios and a HiFi and a Teevee, and daily showers, so you industrialized.  You need to get back to nature.  And stop driving machines.  Get a horse.  No pollutants come out the tail pipe of a horse.  I think.

1 comment:

ProudHillbilly said...

Well, the rear end of a horse couldn't produce any more poop than globull worming fanatics do.