Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mance v Holder

Welly welly well.  This is interesting.

And I like it when Eric Holder's name is in a civil rights case where he is against the civil rights.  Sweet irony.  It's the last vestiges of Jim Crow, Gen. Holder...

So, the "Ban on FFL handguns sales to nonresidents struck down"  Lovely.

Now, suppose, just suppose...  Someone with a non -resident CCW permit from Virginia were to find him or herself in Virginia some weekend.  You know there is no limit on number of guns you can buy per month there, right?  And CCW holders don't have a waiting period for pistols, correct, it's cash and carry?  I guess this ruling, until there in an injunction granted waiting upon appeal, I guess this out of state person, if the person wandered into a gun store with some cash, could walk out with 3 pistols after passing a NICS check and filling out all that paperwork.  A REALLY conscientious gun dealer might be hinky about selling a gun to a person from out of state if the state bans that model of gun.  For example, those silly TEC9 pistol things are sorta verboten in a few states.  Maryland is one.  California.  But if this hypothetical Marylander or Californian were buying a something simpler and less scary and low capacity and not forbidden, like a SIG238 and a Ruger LCP, and a S&W Model 60 revolver, all in one go.... those models are perfectly fine and the gun dealer can have a quiet conscience accepting the buyer's money, provided he or she has enough of it.  Purely a though excercise, of course. 

And the home state of that person would be none the wiser for a time.  All laws would be followed after the purchase, of course.

And private parties.  Trading a gun for a gun in another state would be perfectly legitimate.  Just like it is in Virginia now between two Virginians  But now an Ohioan could trade a gun with a Virginian in Virginia.   And vice versa.  As long as all parties are legally eligible to possess and own a firearm.  There would no whisper of any law being even bent at all at that point, Virginia and Ohio both are pretty civilized.  And some poor soul from New Jersey could hock his grand daddy's old police revolver on a visit to Broad Ripple Indianapolis, provided he thought the pawn shops would give him a good price.

Or Tam could sell ME her spare Colt Pocket Hammerless, if she so desired.  Period.  Like the world was the year before I was born. 

Very interesting indeed.


Jim Archer said...

The ruling applies only to FFLs. It does not pave the way for private sales across state lines. Additionally, it is unclear if the ruling applies outside the District of Northern texas, although it likely does, given the AG was enjoined from enforcing the relevant provision of the Gun Control Act.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

And, it was Traction Control that beat Holder. I wanted to add.

Winner winner, chicken dinner. He should never have to pay for drinks again.

NotClauswitz said...

He usually comes to the Gunblogger Rendezvous, I've bought him more than a few beers. :-)

NotClauswitz said...

And my old blog Anthroblogogy is now "Not Clauswitz" - Anthroblogogy is a zombie-blog ressurrected in Indonesian-something...