Friday, February 13, 2015


Have you noticed that Hoplophobes still bring up the tired old "But but but... it says MILITIA! It's a Militia right! It only applies to the National Guard, not individuals" argument? Eye-rolling displays of ignorance on an issue that the courts, all over, have just gone ahead and dispensed with and consider settled.

Lesser courts can read and grok the Heller opinion if these Gun-Ban Hippies cannot.

Now, you can easily shut down this argument with little effort because it is already sorted, but maybe we don't want to.

Maybe our side SHOULD engage them as if today was 2006, and hash through the old arguments. It's easy to do, we already know them all, the stakes are kinda low, and it keeps them spinning their wheels on a point that they cannot win. And THAT makes for good entertainment. And it's a little bit of Judo, using their own weight against them. Channelling the Gun Banners into areas they cannot win is always a good idea.


Anonymous said...

I actually want to encourage the militia argument; just refute the "militia only" part.

Given that the goal was to field units capable of resisting federal level army units; I think the militia should be able to own fully automatic firearms. Also they should be able to purchase anti-tank, anti-aircraft (yes even drone) weapons.
Field Artillery was commonly personally owned during the Revolutionary War so Squad and Company level weaponry is back on the table.

Yes, I would like to own a Ma Deuce and a 105 Howitzer :)

My limits? Easy, I think that anything the government would or could use on its own people; then the people should be able to own it.

Now - gun control advocates, sure you want to make that argument?

Bob S.

Arthur said...

This is also the core of my viewpoint, but not just for weapons.

ANYTHING the .gov is allowed to play with the common man gets to play with as well. Body armor, APCs, all of it.

If the .gov starts to worry about the common man, it's time for the .gov to think about why it's gaining the enmity of the common man.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Oh, agreed. And certainly everything the constabulary is a sporting.