Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hold Over

So what to do if you are shooting at something far away and have to hold over a target so much that the barrel actually covers the target?

Easy T-Bolt, just adjust the elevation by twisting the knob properly on your scope or iron sights, then hold on bull.

But what if you have no scope and can't adjust the sights.  Wouldn't it be nice to hold three feet over the target's ' head' and still was able to see what you are shooting at.  Well I have a solution.  Instead of putting the sights on the top of the barrel, put em on the bottom and aim from down there?


Ok, for a little help, how about just the front post, hang THAT from the ceiling.  Upside down lollipop sight picture.

No, really this could be more practical.  Inside a sight hood pointing down is doable.  Then you could see the enemy soldiers belt buckle, but not his face, at closer ranges, but could guesstimate and see him clearer, for a time at longer ranges when you have to be over hasty with you shooting and can't spin any elevation knobs.

No?   I'm still sickish.  Maybe hallucinating.

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Anonymous said...

Can't remember where I ran across it, it's been decades, but the Germans created a scope (during WWII, IIRC) that was an inverted 3 post design with the heavy vertical post at the top of the scope rather than the bottom (see: German #1 or #3). The idea was the enemy would probably be on the ground so a post at the bottom would disappear, one on the top would be more visible and could be set on top of the target.

Something like that would make holdover easier, at least until the barrel got in the way. I'm not aware of anyone making a scope with a reticle like that, so there must be a reason why it's not available. I'd think, though, that an upper vertical thick bar and a fine vertical lower marked with drop would be pretty handy.