Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I am one of....

THOSE people.  I just bought .223 in the ensuing panic over the green tip surplus ammo ban.

Yeah yeah, I know.  I have an AR, but I'm not enamored by it.  But I have shot up most of the original can of 440 odd rounds.  And if the irrational panic spreads, I want some 7 mags of plinking ammo for any range sessions.  Do it today before the cupboard is bare next week.

But that means I am adding to the problem with my $90 worth.

But I did need more .45 anyway so threw a passel of that in there.

But I still feel a bit chagrined to be on the bandwagon.

Don't worry, I have plenty of 7.62x51.  


Old NFO said...

Smart man... :-)

Mike W. said...

I guess I'm part of the problem two. I bought 6 boxes of M855. My excuse? I was AT Cabela's when I saw the news on my phone, so why not?

azmountaintroll said...

I'm sitting this one out. I don't even have a complete AR-15, and given the pace of my previous gun projects the whole thing will have blown over by the time I need ammo.