Friday, August 19, 2016

Ok, that's the ticket.

See targets 4 and 5?  Aw, yiss...

So, I am 3 weeks out of practice with the pistol, being absconded to my undisclosed location in the interim, working with the teams in the hot-n-moist, so I promptly hied to the range to shake the cobwebs off. 

The first 3?  Not bad.  Working on a thing and just trying to get in the groove.  Mashing the trigger a bit too much.  Mashing, to me, is "Make-Boom-Now!"  I am not doing enough to surprise myself.  And oh yeah, the right drift from the finger tip I had been working on before. 

Then shot two magazines for 4 and 5, no pause between.  I am doing a lot of things.  Something I've been doing and doing right since day one.  It's automatic.  There are other things I am doing right and are half habit and I am trying to reinforce the good ones and get away from the bad ones.  With a lot from the help of Coach.  

The big break through on 4 and 5 that are different from the others?  I am still fresh enough.  I am really looking for the surprise break with those two.  Plus the new thing.  Putting the tip of the finger pad on the trigger pushes the holes off to the right.  But placing the finger pad better didn't fix the problem enough.  So I am trying to self fix that by changing the way I pull the trigger back.  To me, it feel like a just perceptible pull to the left with the pad.  Apparently that feel is really "pressing straight back" because those two targets are the result.


I can't wait to show coach.

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Windy Wilson said...

I'm going to try that, being left handed and all.