Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Trump Folds!"

"Trump folds on deporting illegal aliens!"

#NeverTrumpers go:  "See, we told you so!  The whole reason you rubes nominated him and he is gonna fold like a cheap card table."


But in 2008, Obama and Hillary were reported to BOTH support the 2nd Amendment.

#Progressives go: "Oh they are just saying that because they have to.  They really think the opposite. No worries."


I wonder why Trump can't just be 'saying that' and really thinks the opposite on deporting tresspassers?

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Windy Wilson said...

For Trump it's all about interpreting every word, gesture or movement as proving he is dangerous and unfit for office, so "flip-flopping" is a sin (He is after all, running with an "(R)" after his name).