Thursday, August 25, 2016

The New Shooter Question

I get a lot of that.  New shooters chatting me up about what to get.   I guess the word it out that I am more reasonable easier than an internet gun forum.  It's just chatter, but I like that it is a pretty common thing. 

I need to get more urban dwellers shooting.  Make the metrocons I know get to a range.  We need more single issue 2nd Amendment voters inside city limits.  (C'mon Jonah Goldberg.  I can't beleive this is necessary for you!  You visit with your wife's relatives in Alaska every year!  We need to get you a firearm. )

But it's not easy.  I live in the suburbs most of my co-workers also live in the suburbs.  When I used to know people in the District...  I'd have to drag their asses quite a way out to shoot, but as for them buying a gun?   Still one of the hardest places in the country, I think, to get a pistol.  New York is harder?  Hawaii?

You people that live in the country?  You don't have to convince your neighbors to like guns.  They already do.  And it is even harder to find city folk.  But at least you might be able to shoot on your own property.  Yes, I'm jealous.


Windy Wilson said...

As a city boy I was extremely jealous ten or eleven years ago when an expert we hired said about his home way out wherever, "And nobody cares if I shoot cans from my back porch." Where I live discharge of an air rifle is forbidden in the city limits, so I have to have some noise when I shoot indoors. Few places in California have basements like "Out East."

Tewshooz said...

Windy...that would be 'back east'.