Friday, August 12, 2016


Youtube likes to recommend anti-American videos to me, for some reason.  Example:  A video where the Zero wins over the Mustang.  F.  U.

This if for you.


Rich P said...

It' not unreasonable that a Mustang turning with a Zero would be a path to very early retirement for the Mustang pilot. Being optimized for high speed and long range, the Mustang was not a superior dogfight platform. The proper method of usage was to administer the dosage and fly past at high speed. Turn around at distance and repeat as needed.
The general principle is to avoid playing the other guy's game.

Windy Wilson said...

I always read that if you flew a Mustang you had to know what you were flying against. The phrase I recall was that the Mustang was the best airplane of the war. If it couldn't out climb the other plane it could out dive it. If it couldn't out climb or out dive it, it could out turn it, if it couldn't out climb or out dive or out turn it, it could out shoot it, and if it couldn't do any of those things, it could out run it.