Friday, June 23, 2017

About Time

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So here you see my morning commute route (yellow line).  I take Connecticut Avenue south and get on the inner loop of the DC Beltway.  I cross over bridges, two, circled in red.  The road is asphalt, the bridge concrete.  So repairs of asphalt potholes are simple, but concrete pothole repairs are gawdawful, and half hearted at the two bridges.  Getting ready to pass the Morman Temple.

It got MUCH worse about 8 years ago.  Bad for me in a Durango.  I really felt for all the Beemers and Priusi that live around Kensington/Chevy-Chase.  But hey!  We had Obama and and Governor O'Malley and Senator Ried, and Speaker Pelosi and a shovel ready trillion dollar stimulus.  Infrastucture would get a boost, right?!

Nope.  It stayed bad and unfixed and got worse.  Thanks for nothing.

New governor, new president, and they finally fixed those bridges.  Smooth as silk.  Thanks Larry Hogan and President Trump!

I had low expectations for Trump, but him personally coming out with the night crews and seeing to these issues and getting on the Steam Roller himself at 3 AM really exceeded those expectation.

Romney wouldn't have done that.


And based on the Left's behavior of late in other areas, I will start to actually like Trump.  No, I didn't like him before, I was just glad he won instead of...  and I had low expectations for things he might do to help me out.  Fewer expectations means fewer disappointments.

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NotClauswitz said...

I lived on the other side of DC when I was out there, but that's a helluva thing for Trump to do, go out with the night crews. But he's a builder and the process was probably interesting to him. Plus what kind of guy wouldn't want to get on a steam-roller? Fun!! Unless you're pajama boy.