Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Mag

My first mag used to be better.  At least my first shot.  This drop off with centerfire ammo is a bad trend. 

I need less warmup to get to my best level.  Now my level is lightly higher but it can take a few extra to get there.

Not what I want

That was at 25 feet, btw, on Monday's post, at that ranger.  It would be embarrassing if at 9.  But that is the only way I'll ever have a chance of doing Dot Torture.

Of course I will have to find a range that will let me do Dot Torture.  My range might trust ME to not shoot the floor or ceiling, but there is no way they can let me have the range to myself and shooting 9 feet away would be an example other would follow if they saw.

ESS is my secondary range, but that's a hike I should gird myself into doing more, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Heritage Training and Shooting Center in Frederick?

I've been once. It's a pretty nice facility.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Frederick is a big hike too. As big as going to Manassas.