Friday, June 2, 2017

I got too much ammo

No really!  Hear me out.

I know what Kipling says about too many books, ammo, and bottles of wine.  Yes.

When I started this journey 9+ years ago I had a box of .357.  Now I have... more.  Like ammo cans, each with a different caliber.   Some gotten 9+ years ago that I haven't gotten around to rotating through as practice.

I thought I'd shoot a lot more .357 this time 9 years ago.  How am I gonna use up a .50 cal can of Magtech?

I don't get around to shoot rifles much, but I have battle packs of 7.62x51.  

The ammo was accumulated slowly, box at a time.  And now I feel old.  And when I am gone I don't want my relatives to have to deal with all this.

"You aren't old, T-Bolt!"  Well, maybe not so.  But i have no plans for the next 40 years of what DO with all this.

But I have a wary eye on 2025, when Trump leaves office.

Admit it, even if you hate the man, but are also a gunnie, you breathed a little sigh of relief.  With Hillary you try to INCREASE your ammo stocks in case she gets grabby about that.  And you know she'd have a go.  Whatever his flaws, there is a bit more confidence that that we can relax our alertness level on gun control from Orange to Yellow.

Back to Orange in 2025, maybe.  Depending.

Well, I can at least lower the levels of .45.   Maybe where I now have two cans of stored Magtech ammo, one of .45, one mixed .38/.357, I can make that just one can in that space in that closet.  That sort of thing.

Another thing is I am getting picky about my ammo quality.  Want less Blazer more Federal Premium.  So use up the more budget stuff.


lugeman said...

I hope my relatives leave me with years worth of ammo with matching firearms.

Charles Lee Scudder said...

This reminds me of a passage from World War Z. The current survivors of the zombie apocalypse thanking their ancestors for stockpiling weapons and ammunition. There was even a poster described as the older Russian generation handing their weapons over to the next generation.

Glenn B said...

Last month I took a road trip to visit my son in Arkansas. I brought him 3,325 rounds of ammo (give or take a few rounds) consisting of a combination of 45 ACP, 9mm,7.62x39mm, 5.56x45mm, 22LR, 12 gauge slug, 12 gauge 00 buck, 12 gauge 8 shot. It barely put a dent in my ammo supply. I still have enough left over for the Zombie Apocalypse or years of good times at the range. I still don't think I have enough though!