Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Look at him!  A brietbart story about guns has a guy pictured doing some shooting.  Pic by Getty

Distressed and under pressure, he is hunched over and all clenched.  Fight against that.  By not fighting against that.  You can grip hard, if that is your thing, without clenching every OTHER muscle in your body.   Like neck and head.  You'll run out of gas in a long string and, worse, you aren't doing your accuracy any favors on the first shot.  Soon his elbows will roll out further and his head will get lower... 

"But T-Bolt, maybe someone is shooting at HIM and that is why he's all clenched up."

Yes yes, I know.  But you got to try.  And practice a better way so when you are under stress and your heart is at 170 bpm and maybe you are hurt even... you have a chance of a good shot.

"But T-Bolt, thousands of people defend themselves with a gun scared out of their wits and all hunched over and adrenalin fueled."

True.  As will I, probably, if faced with a similar situation.   But you still want to try to not be clenched.  And practice for that.  To maximize your chances of a better outcome.

Guy in the picture if he can get sight alignment and a good trigger pull 5 times then duck away he did his job, even if a Dominatrix with wailing away on him from behind with a riding crop.  He'd just have an easier time making all that happen if he was more relaxed.

(We're not even gonna talk about his grip right now.)

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.45ACP+P said...

It has been a day. Can we talk about his grip yet? YIKES! Crossed thumbs! Do not let this Nimrod near an autoloader without his insurance being paid up.