Tuesday, June 13, 2017

So, I made a gun

But I was also training to shoot.

And the only thing I was allowed to shoot was .22.  For like a year.  It even took a while before that was allowed.

It's only recently that I was shooting centerfire.   And I only shot .45 again the past month or so

So, the gun got made, but not shot, because of the training.  It fired a single magazine in testing, but nothing else.  It's still a parts pile as I delayed doing more with it until after a metal finishing class was held to brighten it up some.

The metal finishing class never came around.  So what good is T-Bolt 1, my first and only, so far, built from scratch 1911?

I need to bite the bullet, so to speak, do the best I can on the metal finishing, go ahead and loctite in the grip screw escutcheons.  Put it through it's paces.

Plan... I need to wet sand out some nasty scratches on the slide from the build process.  This gun will never be pretty.  I have a sanding block made out of a hockey puck and inch wide abrasive tape in various grips.

Also, I can relieve some pointy bits on the grip safety where it meets the frame with an abrasive cylinder in the dremel. 

Hop to, T-Bolt!  Then you gotta test the function.  250 rounds without a hiccup.

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