Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Undergunned Bushwa

I tune out cops in the media stories that states stuff like, "Oh noes!  Cops are undergunned by the crooks!"

Either the complainant is living in a fantasy world where every gangbanger has an UZI and an AK-47, full auto, or they are thinking about North Hollywood Shootout, where the regular patrol cops were lacking in a simple trunk gun .30-30. 

Cops have never needed tanks or .50 cals.  Or select fire anything, for that matter.

Cops need TRAINING, I'll go with.  Know how to shoot and deploy that lever gun, that revolver, and that pump scattergun.  I defy Diane Sawyer to cite a circumstance where a police officer that knew what they were doing needed more than that, ever


Bubblehead Les. said...

I'll defy you. Mas Ayoob. Why? He explained his reasoning when he wrote up the Article (I believe it was in Guns Magazine, but I'm not sure) about 20 years or so ago, when he was Police Chiefing up in N.H. He had FREE Mil-Surp M-14's from the U.S. Gov't placed in every patrol car, including his own. They needed them for Drug Interdiction on I-95 (think Road Blocks), "First Responders" (no waiting on SWAT to show for his P.D.), and Animal Dispatch. But they had to deal with 1500# Moose hit by cars up there, so a 9mm was a little light.

Now, I will agree that very few P.D.s need Full Auto, but I believe every Street Cop needs a Long Gun other than a Shotgun in their Cruiser, and LOTS of Training with them. And plenty of Low Penetration Ammo with them. Why? Because I am getting sick and tired of all these Cops showing up, then sitting behind cover on their asses waiting for SWAT to show up, all the while the Goblin is Slaughtering People. Think Columbine, Va. Tech, and many others where "Policy is for SWAT to handle it."

As for being "under-gunned", the Lamestream Media is so full of it. There's been lots of Programs out there over the last few Decades where Police Depts can get FREE Mil-Surp long guns. All they have to do is apply for it. Remember when Northridge happened, and the Cops had to look for AR's? One of the Aftermaths was all the Kalifornia Hippie Politicians whining about "why do the Police need Assault Rifles?" But it took weeks of effort, in spite of the huge amount of Media Coverage, for them to admit they were wrong. And THEN, their "Compromise" was to only allow the Patrol Sgts. one in that Sgts. Cruiser.

Those Idiots were so AFRAID of "Assault Rifles", they were willing to take the chance of more Innocents being shot rather than give the LAPD the tools it needed.

The Hypocrisy of those Kalifornia Asshat Hippies, is that SWAT came about after the SLA Shootout in the early '70s,wherein the Goblins had illegally modified M-1 Carbines into Full Auto.

Now, I don't believe that every Cop needs to be in Full Assault Mode with Ninja Body Armor and K-pots on their heads, roaming the Streets looking for Illegally Parked Cars. But they should have something heavier standing by in their cars, just in case. Three Cops have died in the last 30 days because some Nutjob with a semi-auto Long Gun killed them. So yeah, there's a need for them to STOP being "Under Gunned." But the Logistics for it have been in place for decades, so there's No Excuse for it.

But the Lamestream Media IS implying that should be no need for LEOs to have Long Guns, if only "Assault Rifles" were BANNED in the First Place. Read between the Lines.

Don't fall into their Trap. After all, if Cops don't need Semi- Auto Long Guns, why should anyone in Maryland have a M-14 Clone or a Navy Garand?

Think about it.

Boat Guy said...

There's probably very little that needs to be done by a street cop that a Marlin 336 won't do. I would prefer that cops not be launching a bunch of high-velocity ball ammo around; a .30-30 flat-tip game round sounds like a better deal.
I'm more than a little concerned for a LOT of reasons about the proliferation of SWAT's in this country.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm just saying, Les, that a .30-30 in the trunk is 'plenty gunned'. Or, I'd love to hear of a situation where that wouldn't have been enough. 2 Grandpa deer rifles could have ended North Hollywood in minutes, not hours.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Cops don't NEED anything more. But Civilians do. The Authorities have B-52, 120mm smooth bore anti tank cannons, and Hummer mounted M2 Brownings, the civilians just want a plethora of rifles for occasional use and weak little handguns like the 1911 for daily use.