Friday, January 6, 2012

Well, I did it.

Pulled the trigger on a Kindle.  I got the book kind, not the poor-man's iPad kind.  Now to fill it.  Luckily, there are LOTS of free things I want.

John Buchan's Greenmantle and Thirty Nine Steps
Rudyard Kipling has some stuff I haven't read, but would re-read a bunch
H. Rider Haggard's Allan Quartermain stuff
Edgar Rice Burrough's Tarzan and Mars stuff
L Frank Baum Wizard of Oz stuff
Erle Stanley Gardner did more than Perry Mason, but I don't think the copyrights have lapsed yet.
Ring Lardner

I've had a bellyful of John O'Hara already and can dismiss him.

I've read a bit of H G Wells, Jules Verne, and Jack London, but not all of it.    I've read all the Sherlock stuff of Gotta check on Baen, see if they have anything.  But my focus will be on discovering postwar-prewar stuff.  it'd be nice to have a Kindle with 1000 free books, all that I haven't read and want to read.  And I would be obliged if anyone has some gems of free stuff out there for me to look into.  Pulpy stuff is a plus.  Cowboys.  African Safari.  Sea Tales.  Old Skool Sci Fi.  Doc Savage.   That sort of thing.

Gutenberg Project doesn't have everything, but any PDF can be converted over to Kindle, but links to other sources will be appreciated.   But just look at the titles on this page alone!  Can anyone give me a 'must read' of Winston Churchill?  If anything I will need wheat to seek out so as not lose it in all the chaff.

[gun content... almost none.  I guess there is a lot of gun content in my reading list, yes.]


Marty said...

I got Brenda one for Christmas. Took her no time to load up more than she can read any time soon. There is a ton of Ray Bradbury out there that's free!

bluesun said...

If you have any interest in science fiction/fantasy, be sure to check out the Baen Free Library. They have all sorts of stuff.

Bob said...

Theodore Roosevelt wrote a lot of books that Amazon offers free, and a lot of it includes gun content. Don't forget all the free Twain, either.

bluesun said...

And now I see that you already mentioned it. D'oh!

Bubblehead Les. said...

I believe the Cutoff is around 1922, so most of the Pulp Era has to be bought.

WARNING: I bought the Wife a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and started to transfer some Pratchett over to her. As soon as it arrived on her Fire, a Warning Label showed up and said "This is a Digital Rights Management Book. Remove it Immediately." So Harper Collins insists that, even though you bought and paid for a book, and it's your property, you can't give it away, and you must buy another one. So be forewarned.

Also, Amazon is REALLY Snotty about Baen. I actually called up the Service center and the Tech and I couldn't figure out why, even though I authorized the eMail Account, Amazon wouldn't let me load Baen's Books. We did a work around by putting the books into my Mac's Downloads, then hooking up the Kindle, opening up its Documents, then transferred them into there, but if you go to my Kindle Account, the Books do not exist.

Secret Squirrel said...

To get Baen Free Library stuff on a Kindle you have to authorize "", not "" as Baen says. I've gotten two delicious pulpy military scifi books from John Ringo on there with no problems.

Anonymous said...

Check out Gutenberg Australia. Legal if one is deployed.....
lots of Buchan and others in the same vein.

kahr40 said...

Ton of Baen content and all of it free and legal to put on your Kindle.

Anonymous said...

You might want this program for your desktop/laptop:

It's a great program for converting various e-book formats.