Sunday, January 29, 2012


As my experience continures and shooting become 'normal' everyday activity, like using a revolving door, or parallel parking, I notice things I didn't notice when I was more of a tyro.

I can see bullets in flight more and more nowadays.  Look, shiny!  zing.  (why?  my eyes are open more, prolly.)

I hear the impacts of my shots at the range backstop, separate from the bang of the charge. Bang-clank, bang-clank. (why?  you got me.  less of a shock, this contolled splosion in my hands?)

I think less about my stance and position and grip.  When I DO think to check on those, they are mostly where I want them to be, like it was automatic.  I need to flex my knees more and lean a bit more forward.  I want that to be as automatic as a grip that lines up with the line of my forearm.

The 'surprise break' is getting better, but not there yet.  I just know when the trigger is going to go on my guns.  And my brain is going:  "make it happen... NOW."  And it happens, bang.  That's the Holy Grail.  Fixing that.


45er said...

That's all good stuff. Very good. It means exactly what you think, less flinching after the shot. When you're focusing less on the bangy in your hand, you notice all of the other things going on immediately after that. As for the stance, try working at home with no guns. Think of someone coming at you and the fighting stance you would employ, hands up palms out, knees flexed shoulders over feet. Try to think of it as an instinctual reaction to a threat instead of something you have to force to happen.

Old NFO said...

45er is right, and you ARE getting to that 'muscle memory' stage, which is where you want to be!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

It's all in he trigger squeeze. Master that, and it'll seem easy.