Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Uncle Milty

Well, in accordance with my New Years resolution, I have placed and order for a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2, IWB holster.  All black horsehide.  No sharkskin this time.  I got the shark with my last VM2 and wanted the holster to look different at a glance, avoid confusion. 

I went with Milt Sparks because I already had one and liked it a lot.  But there are a plethora of good holster makers out there.

Now, belt shopping.  This one I'm wearing is good but getting tired.  Oh, and another ammo carrier for the spare mag.


Papa Whiskey said...

I have a Kramer horse hide holster that I've worn daily for almost four years and it's still stiff as can be. I highly recommend it.

Boat Guy said...

Sparks makes GREAT belts and mag pouches - 'least they used to...
once again see Pocket Concealment Systems, his stuff is usually horsehide too