Monday, January 30, 2012


Why isn't USAG Eric Holder in jail pending trial?  Looks like he's lied to Congress.  Well, we knew that.  But now there is evidence he did.


Boat Guy said...

Because where this administration is concerned, we are no longer a "Nation of Laws".

Bubblehead Les. said...

Because he would have to arrest himself. Remember, after the Ken Starr Debacle, Congress got rid of the Special Prosecutor Law. And it took that Law to get Nixon, because John Mitchell, Nixon's AG, was part of the Cover Up.

So the only other option would be to have the House get enough Proof to hold an impeachment Hearing for Holder, which would go nowhere, because as soon as the Trial hit the Senate, Holder would walk away because all the Demacommies and RINO's would be screaming about a "Witch Hunt", and the RACE Card would multiply into a Whole Deck.

And the Republitards don't want this during an Election Year.

I can see Holder resigning before the Election heats up, and maybe a Secret Pardon would be kept on file, just in case one of the Republitards wins in November. But I don't see any of them going after the Previous Administrations people when they are out of Office. After all, they may come back in 4 years.

Oh, some of the smaller types down in Arizona and a "Assistant Deputy Assistant" or 2 in DC may fall on their Swords, but I doubt we'll ever see Justice for Agent Terry.

Which sucks. But like one of the last of the Great Film Noir movies said, "Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown."