Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Fantasy Guns

I really can't think of a set to add onto this meme.  No out of reach gun really burns a hole in my 'wants-it' gene that I'd get if hit the Powerball.  I guess, like many, I'd scratch that full auto itch.  Typical things like:
  1. Ma Duece, naturally
  2. BAR
  3. MP40 which is a sweet little shooter.
  4. Stoner 63
  5. M3 Greasegun just like my old neighbor loves
  6. KRISS with a short barrel and screw-on suppressor
Ooops, that's six.

If I was thinking old school, any of these 3 revolvers... Colt Peacemaker, Remington New Model, S&W Schofield, IN those conditions:

And that's nine.

But none of those are the One gun.  If I won Powerball it might not be any of those.  I'm just not excited much.  I'd rather spend it the pistol range in my basement and the rifle range in my front yard on my stately and palatial estate.


Bubblehead Les. said...

On my Palatial Estate, there would be a 600 yard underground Range Tunnel. No wind.

DirtCrashr said...

I remember one that I missed and should have not skipped, the Belgian Rattlesnake...