Monday, November 24, 2008

Fudd Definition

There has been back and forth among 2nd Amendment advocates regarding the existence of the “Fudd” and what it means for civil rights advocates. Including comments by me. I want to ‘revise and extend my remarks.’

First of all, what is a Fudd? Fudd is a derogatory term and is short for Elmer Fudd. Jim Zumbo, who implied Americans that own AR-15 style rifles were terrorists, and was piled on by gun bloggers until he resigned, is an example of a Fudd.

All hunters are not Fudds. Lots of hunters own expensive hunting shotguns and rifles, AND have a few self-defense pistols, AND have a few Sport Utility Rifles that look scary and are black in color, and fire semi-automatic bullets inappropriate to hunting from regular capacity magazines that only hold 30 rounds, AND shoot in IDPA competitions or Bullseye. These hunters are not Fudds. I, myself, try to hunt, and want a CCW. I am not a Fudd. These types of firearms owners are us.

There are even hunters that only have a $10,000 bird-hunting gun and can’t for the life of them understand why anyone would want a rifle that looks like a military style Assault Rifle, or why anyone would carry concealed. But these hunters take an attitude of “whatever floats your boat, if you want to carry a 1911 in your belt to the grocery store because you are concerned you might get robbed, that’s fine by me, it is your right, and none of my business.” Bill Schneider may be an example of this type, (but he is less than comfortable with RKBA enthusiasm and is a bit naïve about the interwebz. Still the comments for his piece did at times go way overboard.) These are not Fudds. These are our allies, or, at least, not our enemies. It would be helpful and mutually beneficial if they were better allies, yes. But they are still our friends. On a football team you have offense and defense. Offense is the activist 2nd Amendment advocates. These hunters are defense or special teams. You don't complain when the defense doesn't score as many touchdowns do you? You still need them.

No, a Fudd is a person that has only hunting arms and thinks NO ONE should be allowed to have anything else but. They actively work with gun control groups to ban firearms with little or no hunting utility. They seem to be under the impression that the 2nd Amendment applies only to deer hunting and the like, and not self-defense. Despite the Supreme Courts unanimous. They think that if they throw the rest of firearm owners under the bus that their firearms will be left alone by the gun banners, and that non- Fudds give them a bad name. They can be a bit snobby and elitist this way. And their strategy of diverting attention to other gun-owners may come back and bite them if they successfully deflect gun banners to regular capacity magazine fed pistols and Sport Utility Rifles, as once gun banners are successful with non-Fudd weapons who is to stop banners from shifting to the “sniper rifles that shoot armor piercing ammo and assault shotguns” that they will categorize hunting-iron as? Of course sniper-rifle and assault-shotgun is a misnomer label and future propaganda of the gun-banners, and is as inaccurate as the mislabeling they try to apply to their current firearm targets like so-called assault weapons. They call wrongly call the most common target rifles assault weapons because it is harder to be taken serious if you just call to ban all “scary looking guns”.

Jim Zumbo was a Fudd when he wrote bad things about AR-15 rifles and damaged the 2nd Amendment cause. He lost his job after, performed many meaculpas, and endeavored to learn more about ‘black rifles,’ their appeal, and may have truly reformed since. Shooters that primarily shoot AR’s for fun, competition, and recreation almost certainly outnumber hunters at this point and these numbers are why the outcry against his diatribe was so intense. Hunters are no longer in the majority. They certainly are not in the majority if you only count people with firearms used solely for hunting.

John Kerry is a Fudd. Joe Biden is a Fudd. Hillary Clinton claims to be a Fudd. Dan Cooper is a Fudd. The fake, George Soros supported American Hunters and Shooters Association is a front for Fudds and gun banners. New Jerseys extreme gun control regime is a Fuddesque system. Chicago and DC don’t even pretend to be Fudd-like and have gone beyond mere Fudd measures, with only a token nod possession of hunting-utility only firearms.

True Fudds are fewer in number than is implied by the occasional histrionics of RKBA advocates. And histrionics improperly applied doesn’t help the cause.

I will endeavor to refrain from insulting people with the Fudd moniker unless it is clear that that is what they are. I am sorry if I implied any person that is primarily a hunter is a Fudd because they aren’t as enthusiastic about supporting the 2nd Amendment (but aren’t AGAINST the individual right) as I am, even if I think an attitude that cares little for ALL individual rights is unwise and short sighted.

Hunters that don’t care about non-hunting firearms one way or t’other? Not a Fudd
Hunter’s that want to feed me to the Gun-Banner’s alligator because I have an M1A in the hopes that he’ll be eaten last? That’s a Fudd.

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