Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gun Blogs

Are there any gun blogs out there that talk about, you know, guns? A blog I don’t have listed on the roll.

Even a lot of them AREN’T super gun related. If you take out the 2nd Amendment discussions there are darn few high gun-content blogs on that list. The Firearm Blog being the best at stick on-topic. Are there any Firearm Blog type blogs out there I missed? I’d sure appreciate the tip.

Most blogs, including mine, drift off topic. Sometimes for long stretches. I’m thinking or breaking my list up and reorganizing. One list of gun blogs that talk about guns once a week or more, one list of gun blogs that talk about gun politics once a week or more, and then ‘all other links.’

Good blogs for extra thick and rich gun content: Armed Canadian, Blackfork, Firearm, Snowflakes, Breda, Ahab (his podcast with Breda is great), Sharp as a Marble, and JayG are good for lots of personal gun content, as well as a bit of personal content. Pretty Pistolera, too. Xavier keeps a lot of boomstick action going. Joe Huffman is good. Not all these sites post daily, of course, and that can be… disappointing is the wrong word… maybe it makes you anticipatory. They try to , for the most part. Tam posts nigh daily and will go on a tear about guns with great gun info for several days or weeks then drop off a bit and snark out or talk about other cool things for a bit, just non gun related. Things like slide-rules, Venezuela, and litterboxes. Don't get my wrong, I LIKE the off topic stuff. No one skewers Pugsley, the Dictator of Venzuela better than Tam. The above and Others slip into concentrating on the 2nd Amendment Portion of the topic, and less on the shooty aspects. Roberta has occasional gun content but I'd not miss her blog for the world.

War on Guns is ALL politics. I'm glad he's there but if I want a comparison between an XD and a Glock and a S&W M&P I should look elsewhere.

Say Uncle is a good blog for linking to other good blogs.

If I could chain Sailor Curt to a proverbial galley oar and force him to turn out a gunsmith video how-to every 2 weeks I would do it with a clear conscience.

There are other on my blog roll that vary, running hot and cold with frequency and gun content.

Ten Ring used to be REALLY good on gun content but has posted less frequently since moving to my neighborhood from the North East. Kim has acres of individual gun reviews that you can get lost in for weeks, but he, too, doesn’t post about guns every day, and he is taking a break from blogging in December. The gun archives are still there and worth a perusal. For both sites.

Now that I think of it, ALL the gun blogs on the right are occasional gon-content blogs except for Fiream. Maybe I'm lamenting we're not all more like Firearm Blog.

If I had to pick 3 blogs with the MOST just-guns content it would be Firearm Blog, Blackfork, and probably JayG.

What a lot of rambling....

Sounds like a lot of whinging, and that's not my intent. I read all my gun blog roll stuff pretty regular.

One thing I can do is try to keep MY OWN blog on topic as much as possible, and as much as I wish there were other blogs that did. I think I do a halfway decent job. With the election over I was thinking fewer 2nd Amendment posts would be out there fopr me and others, but that all depends on movement in our political classes. (Zombie and Survival posts are tertiarily gun related, but they count. In my head they do.) And if there is NO movement, 2nd Amendment advocates should probably try to MAKE positive movement. So wishing for less political content elsewhere is a fools errand, I guess. Until we win.

But am I actually MISSING an important gun blog or gun source in my list over there on the right?


West, By God said...

Not that I can think of... although I have quite an extensive blogroll if you ever wanna browse through it.

Mulligan said...
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Mulligan said...

How many links can I put in a comment before I become a spammer?
I've got a dozen or so shooters listed on my roll you don't have.
Although I tend to put Gunblog and 2A blog in the same group.

Some are more 'gunnie' than others & I may have missed some you have by other names.

James R. Rummel said...

"But am I actually MISSING an important gun blog or gun source in my list over there on the right?"

Well, you haven't mentioned my own blog.

Not that I blame anyone for passing it by. I started blogging to provide a resource for my students, people who had never even seen a gun up close before taking my course, let alone firing one.

Most of the gun stuff I discuss is bare bones, bottom of the barrel basic. Boring to anyone who has been around the old gun range for any length of time. My hope is that the new shooter will be inspired to go off and explore some of the more exciting and hands-on shooting sports as soon as they become aware of them.

Since the basics are, you know, pretty basic, I tend to repeat myself a lot. That is why I go off topic more than most, in an effort to provide interesting filler until my readers find something that catches their eye.

This is also why I try very, very hard to avoid discussing politics at Hell in a Handbasket. I'm trying to help everyone who needs it, political affiliation be damned. That is another reason why my unworthy scribblings don't stand out too much.

But I do fill a niche, and one that I think is important. Hey, 70 plus new shooters added to the ranks each year isn't too bad!


PolyKahr said...


If you are looking to add blogs to your blog roll, you might also consider this one,

I am not to ashamed to do some self-promotion. I will gladly add yours to mine as well.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

You're in there and have been for months, James.

TriggerFinger said...

Well, you're missing me (TriggerFinger) but posting has been rather sporadic lately so I forgive you.

Anonymous said...

T-Bolt, thanks for the great review

Anonymous said...


great guns and cooking and everything but mostly guns.
She is a great wordsmith

David said...

TriggerFinger's blog would be better if I could actually register to leave a comment... hint, hint, Matthew!

As for we at RNS, we appear to be in your blogroll, so thank you! and I think you'd like this recent gun post. Got my own Jovian Thunderbolts now!

The Saj said...

I am not quite sure where my blog fits in...

- I do review some guns and equipment.
- I also review training classes I've taken.
- I do also address 2nd Amendment issues but not to overly so (IMHO).

Mainly I cover my life as a new gun owner as I learn... *lol*

Just Jess said...

I found a new iPhone GunLaw app that's pretty cool.