Friday, November 14, 2008

Retune the List

Need to tune the Master list. Trim it, really. Now that my slide down the slippery slope has slowed.

I think I’ll take off the Hi-Point pistol. I know of 2 real people that have one and both experience regular malfunctions. It’s like you get what you paid for. I’m sure there are quite a few lucky Hi-Point owners out there with spot on reliable weapons they got at a bargain price, but they aren’t as desirable a model for me to roll the dice, at any price. [10]

I’ll take off the Springfield EMP. The SIG 229 fills it’s roll in the cabinet, and there is rumors that the engineering balance isn’t quite there. Second hand reports that the spring isn’t up to the job, sometimes. But it’s getting yanked mainly for it being superfluous. It’s still a neat little 1911 model, I must say. [12]

I’m gonna settle on the Ruger wee .380 pistol for someday. When they work the bugs out. So the Kel-Tec is off, and the Bersa. Wait… I better try both before deciding. I've tried the Kel Tec, it's ok, if small. [1]

Drop the spare Garand or just demote it further down the list? I’d be nice to get one in .30-06 instead of .308, someday, but I don’t want to deal with another mass of rifle ammo. [8]

Combine the 2 Blazers bolt actions into one entry. [4, 13]

There. All better.


Anonymous said...

Given recent events, don't you think it is time to reconsider stocking up on ARs ;)

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

i would, if I had a lot of poodles that needed shooting. i made my necessary purchases in August during the convention. battle rifle size, not a carbine.