Sunday, November 2, 2008

Proof, Graphically Insistent

You can't argue with graphs!

Now who are you gonna believe? Me, or your lying eyes?! The trend is clealy up. The Zombocalypse is coming.

Some of you are gonna be stuck up on your roof, surrounded by a couple hundred of them, armed with just a pump shotgun and you're gonna say, "Ya know, that T-Bolt guy was right. A shotgun is overkill, but I can't carry enough shells to cut back on the ghoul numbers. They're just too bulky. I should have listened to him. A Beretta CX4 Storm would have been better than this. I better save the last few shells for me and my companions for the end."

Yup. You'll be sorry. Buy Ammo Day is about 2 weeks from now, too. Put it this way. If you brought a ammo can full of shotgun shells up on your roof, and Breda brought an ammo can of .380 up on hers and just her little Bersa Thunder... Well, Breda isn't going to be any Zed's corpse-snack, just say.

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