Saturday, November 15, 2008

gory photos

From my successful hunt on 14 November 2009, hidden here because of the content.

Gut pile:

Empty and dressed, ready to go home to hand up and skin and quarter.

I counted 8 pellet on the shoulder there. I should have aimed a little bit lower, but it was a good heart and lung shot. Certainly lung. And none in the belly area.

In about 30 seconds from this picture I am going to cut the dickens out of my thumb. You can see the diaphragm by my hand, the dark thing is the liver, and the gray membrane mesh bag contains the gall bladder(?), stomach, and small intestines.


hiroshi_tea said...

we scientific folk call that gray bag the peritoneum. Nice container of membranes that hold the main digestive guts, and yes the gallbladder.

Matt said...

That's just about centered where I like my shot to land. That's why he dropped into his own tracks, what with hitting the spine and all. Also, I like that forward placement. Deer rarely back up, but can often scoot forward a tad between the time your brain gives the signal to shoot and the time that the projectile[s]arrive at the target. You get some fudge factor there.

That's an EXTREMELY tight pattern, for just under 25 yards. What did the distance step out to?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

coulda been closer than 25 yards. I didn't pace it out. I thought you only pace out the far ones...