Monday, November 10, 2008

Range Report November

Had a GREAT time at the range and learned a lot. Chuckles AND Corky were there.

First, squeezing 20% tighter seems to tighten my groups. Yay! Still too many fliers, and too low and right.

(Note the micarta grips. Tam inspired those. I like them. And I don't worry about cleaning chemicals doing anything to them as I would really nice wood grips.)

Second, remember that stoppage I had last time that was a mystery? The slide jammed back in the middle of a magazine and wouldn’t return to battery for love or money? Well, the bad news is, it happened again. Happened a FEW times. The good news is, I know why. User error. And it’s Todd Jarrett’s fault!

Let me explain what the stupid user managed to do.

The Todd Jarrett grip works great. It does seem to help my groups and my squeeze. And sight alignment is much easier. But the support hand is awkward. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I probably AM doing it wrong. But I’m trying to do Todd’s thumbs-forward grip as best I can after learning about it on the Intarwebz. My support hand, the right hand, has that pointing thumb kinda WAY forward. Well, the slide release has a little button of itself that sticks out on the right side of the pistol. And my thumb is resting on that button. And I am squeezing 20% tighter.

Well, what is happening with the stoppage is that pressure is causing the slide release lever to stick on the takedown notch. THAT is why it is jamming. The gun is fine. I am the problem. Which is a relief. I'd hate to deal with a lemon gun.

So my next issue is: now that I know the cause of the problem, how do I adjust my grip to keep it from happening again? I guess I have to keep the support hand thumb off of the frame now.

What else?

Oh, I got to try the SIG models again. Chuckles P229 SAS with double action only, and Corky’s 9mm P226 DA/SA which I shot only SA. I shot the 229 great, and the 226 lousy. Which is why I wasn’t going to settle for a different model than a 229 DAK for myself. You can see the 229 target below, and the 226 was too embarrassing to save. I just don’t do well with the SA part. This is the 229:

My ability to hit ANYTHING with the 1911 SA is a good reflection on that big pistol. Looks like I'd be crazy to carry a 1911 if I can carry a 229, huh? Dammit.
One thing while shooting Corky’s gun… He could SEE my anticipatory flinch. The flinch/jerk/push that has plagued me and I need to fix. It may be why I am sometime better with the Double Action. The trigger pull is so long I’ve done the flinch long before it goes bang. Sad, really, if true.

I do so like that 229. As I mentioned in a previous post, this model reminds me of the Glock. The trigger pull is similar, if a bit more smooth. The gun is heavier and metal and has a nicer fit and finish and wood grips. And the trigger doesn’t have that vestigial tongue on the SIG that Glock’s have. The Glock is nothing but business, the SIG is still serious, but is more refined, yet does not sacrifice function to style. But SIG didn’t sell much of this model. Word is, no one liked the type of double action it has. They should have marketed the gun differently. “A Glock for the Discerning Shootist”. They could attract the carriage and snooty trade with that line. People with means. Good thing too, as the big negative the SIG has over the Glock is the price. Phew. Spendy. The other option SIG could use to increase sales is to convince some elite combat unit to carry it into battle (Heh, the Brit Special Air Service!) and then NOT let it be sold in the US. For a while. Tell them it’s too special for mere amateur hobby shooters. After the demand for something forbidden builds to a fever pitch, THEN release the gun for general sale. Hey, it works for Heckler and Koch…

What else? Here’s a thought. I’m going to go to the range with one bullet. Maybe then I’ll take my time and shoot that one bullet right. I am still too impatient, too hurried. When I am hitting this speed isn’t too bad a thing, but forcing myself to slow down and LEARN that trigger is a good thing. Or would be if I can finally manage it. Dammit. Again. Goram flincher!

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