Monday, April 1, 2013

45 is King!

Add to the long list one more reason to prefer .45ACP.  Whatever the reason the gummint is buying billions of rounds of hollow point ammo, they are buying it in .40S&W and maybe 9mm, not .45.  So ammo availability for .45 could be better.  Better to have only 10 beans in your Glock 21 magazine than space for 17 rounds, but nothing, in your Glock 17.

Then again... ammo factories run their machine a caliber at a time.  So the .45 dies get swapped out to fulfill the big .40 contract and .45 still isn't available or gets shortchanged in the production numbers.

As others have noted, if the Federal Gummint is trying to buy up the stock, why is .22 so scarce?  They aren't buying that.  Maybe this shortage is all supply and demand, like folks have been saying.

Hmm, that would be a thing to watch.  If DHS starts buying up calibers they DON'T use you might want to get more justifiably suspicious that they are trying to corner the market and keep bullets out of private hands.  Watch for contracts for .380 and .270 and .30-30 and .30-06... then start to worry there is a conspiracy agin us.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I worry, already, regardless!


Daddy Hawk said...

I can't remember where I read it, but someone ran the numbers on .22lr production, and it worked out to about 560 bricks of 500 per state per month. In a hoarding economy like this, it doesn't take long for shipments of .22 to get snapped up. I think your analysis of the larger calibers is probably correct. Production is geared up to fulfill the big orders leaving the other production sidelined or minimized.