Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Voted Down

You know what would be a good amendment to the gun control bill in Maryland?  Required that convicted felons that used a gun in the commission of a crime have to serve some minimum amount of time in prison.

They tell us the gun control is keep on top of crime.

Nope, that amendment was just voted down, big time, in the state house.  It's not about the guns, it's about control.  The crime angle is a facade.

Advocates of mandatory training to purchase a firearm testified that they had no evidence it was needed, and that they could point to no instance where a CCW holder committed a felonious homicide.

My roving reporter on the scene reports that the delegates are playing fantasy baseball, watching hoops, or perusing youtube at this time.  One is shopping.  [future note:  go to statehouse, sit in gallery, record credit card numbers of gun banning legislators as they clothes shop on MY time.]

Thermostat is set kind of high today at the Statehouse.  Described as 'hot as hell' and that was probably not a coincidence.

Amendment for the exemption of Olympic Athletes in training struck down.  (meh.  I wish they wouldn't exempt cops.  Neither cops nor olympians are more special than any other citizen.  The law should apply to all or not be a law.  If there is something onerous with the law you gotta carve out exemptions then maybe your law is wrong.)

Quote from the floor, "no right is unalienable"  Oh?  Are you new to this country?

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AL said...

where I Iive, committing a crime with a firearm attract serious, some say draconian punishment. Discharge of a firearm it's a capital offense. As a resul there are no firearm related crimes