Thursday, April 4, 2013

Need That

Ooo, I need that.   Saw it on Oleg.  My Remington Model 11 shotgun had been modified to make the barrel 18.25" long.  So I don't have a bead up front.  And it was refinished, parkerized.  So sweating a new bead on there is a little problematic.  But his would solve the problem:

Well, maybe.  I forsee 2 issues.  One, the short barrel might mean that the rings of the sight would impact the head of the magazine tube on recoil when it cycles the action.  Two, at $140 the gizmo costs almost as much as the shotgun.  Not quite the same as putting an ACOG on a Hi-Point, but almost.  Too many people in this company town are getting laid off for me to add another expense to slightly upgrade a third tier go-to self-defense weapon.


Grey Mobius said...

Please tell me that 16.25" is a typo.
Don't you mean 18.25"?
Otherwise without the proper paperwork the BATFEIEIO thinks this is double plus evil.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

typo, right

rhino.45acp said...

HiViz makes a plastic "snap-on" front sight for a 12ga barrel. works great for me