Friday, April 26, 2013


During the shootout between the bombers and police, Sumdood recorded the event with a smartphone.  It's a shame he couldn't have helped out by shooting at the bombers from their flank.  If it had been in Texas and he had engaged the bad guys he'd have gotten a thank you from the cops.  In Massachusetts the cops may have shot at HIM too for his trouble, and arrested after, probably.  But his chances, based on the angles, of the cops hitting him were kinda minimal. 

If it had been my house there was plenty of time for me to fetch a rifle from the safe, turning on the red dot, and being careful of the backstop, potting at least one of them.  Or disabling the car.  Or, if I noticed the pressure cooker at their feet, shooting that...  At least ONE shot.  Maybe others. 

But the photographer probably didn't have a gun.  6,000,000 people in Mass, and only 200,000 FOID holders.  So 1 in 30 chance.  A little greater if you don't count people under 21.  But there is also the thing that he might have had one gun, and that gun was a snubbie... That might put a crimp in armed response at that range.

Anyway.  Should I, though, if such an event happened in my neighborhood?  Would it be the right thing to do?  The wise thing to do?  Would it be my DUTY to help in that manner?  


[actually, in Texas, I bet the cops would haul you downtown.  So the police commissioner could give you a medal.  But the mayor would be pissed.  Because he wasn't able to give you a medal first.  And do you got any traffic tickets?  Don't worry about those.  Don't worry about em for a few years but try to keep it to only 10 over the speed limit if you could...]


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Crud. I hadn't seen this post til just now. Seems I am covering old ground

Bubblehead Les. said...

Personally, I'd Duck, Arm up and cover the Entrance to my Home in case they made a run to my Domicile. But I'd probably NOT engage them on the Street because "Friendly Fire Isn't!"

Old NFO said...

OH well, at least it IS being covered! More is better, as far as I'm concerned!