Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Doubt it will go anywhere, Rep. Israel (D-Nassau) want to legislate printed receivers (ostensibly as a renewal of a 1988 law that was flawed back then).  So he knows nothing about how guns work, how gun laws already on the books work, and yet he feels he needs to add to the pile with a new law of his own, the Undetectable Firearms Act

Part of it is a minimum weight of a magazine.  

30 is bad because of the number of bullets, 10 is bad because it is too light, and they are both made of all metal.  This is before he get into the discussion of the dreaded plastics.   Some all metal magazines weigh close to the that 4 ounces, making them conceivably verboten.

Now no magazine is legal.  Ever.  Period.  I see what you are trying to for here, Mister Congressman...

Me personally... I would never fire an actual gun made of so little metal that it was undetectable at the airport scanners.  I value my hands and face too much to take that chance.  

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Expatriate Owl said...

This isn't the first time that Congressman Steve has fired off (pun intended) about something of which he knows nothing.

He was doing it 20 years ago when he sat on the Huntington Town Board. Not to mention the J Street imbroglio.

[Huntington, by the way, is in the half of Steve's district that is in Suffolk County.].