Monday, April 8, 2013

I got nuthin'

I do plan to get a stripped lower after memorial day.  Via auction and transfer if I have to.  All because of the new laws.  Then I am squirrelling it away somewhere.  Maybe in the freezer or in the flour bin or with the air cleaner in my car or something. 

Anything else on the List I need to get?  No.  Just some gunsmith work done.  I got enough guns, I think.  Oh sure there is stuff that would be neat to have, but nothing shouts out my name.

Here is a gunsmith question... Let's say you were going to put an ambi-dextrous safety on a 1911.  Is it better to take the gun to the smith and let HIM order the parts, or buy the part yourself and take it to him and say "put this on this and make sure everything works hunky dory for me."? 


Robert Fowler said...

If you buy the part yourself you will save a little money. If the smith orders the part, there will be a little markup. I have a customer I do this for a lot. He has 22 1911's, we're talking serious competitive shooter. They all have ambi safeties and most now have fiber optic front sights. If you have a good relationship with your smith, you'll get a good deal either way.

Laura said...

Palmetto has had lowers in every day for the past month. they go quickly, but they're there. keep watching the site. you're looking at about $130 shipped.

Tam said...

re: Safety.

That's going to depend on a lot of factors, including your relationship with the 'smith, their preferences, and whether or not you get a discount on the safety from the supplier yourself.