Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jungle Kit

Look at the contents of this WWII era jungle kit.

I found this via and this sort of thing fascinates me.  A little extra survival ditty bag for folks heading to the South Pacific vis England or Sicily. 

Though I imagine the atabrine tabs and bug repellent would be appropo in the Med as well.  Italy was horrible for malaria until after the war. 

( Lileks is great for vintage ephemera that gets me going.  He is a proto blog that has been blogging for longer than there has been the term 'blog'.  My first link that I saw his page was via his section on Art Frahm, but his whole site is chockablock with interesting stuff.  Regrettable foods seen in 70 year old cookbooks,  30's era matchbook covers, old advertisements, fancy document engravings like on money or stock certificates, and much much more. Check it out when you have 7 hours.)

The War Department switched to this kit during the war to achieve similar aims.  It's the M2, while the above is the M1.   And that M2 kit is pretty much similar to what they use today with modernized contents.

(Oh, and for Nuggan's sake, someone tell RobertaX about this mid 40's, Midwest radio station.  That might be right in her wheelhouse.)

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Roberta X said...

VERY kewl! WNAX's history shows up several places on the web -- different stuff. This was new to me.