Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Archie News

Archie, the crotchety old WWII salt that is my neighbor, had a bad turn.  Wednesday night was normal but he woke up up chucking.  His daughter came down and with help from paramedics dragged him out to the car and off the doc.  The doc said to take him to the ER.  He was acting more confused than normal.  That symptom got the nurses thinking, "Hmmm, I bet he has a bladder infection..."  Sure enough, he did.

He spend a couple days in the hospital and is on the mend.  But he was weak as a kitten.  So he will be convalescing up at her house where they can keep an eye on him and get him some physical therapy.  So, no beer nights for me for a bit.

He's a tough old 86 year old.  He'll bounce back.

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Marty said...

Good Vibes for Archie~~~~~>>