Friday, October 18, 2013


So, our state attourney general wants to be governor.  He is a gun banner from the top of his pointy head down to his fungal toes.  (So is his opponent, the Lt Governor, but AG Doug Gansler is loathed a bit more, I think.)

He got in a little hot water.  The Maryland State Po-po let out that he liked to run the siren and lights and go fast fast fast when riding with his state provided motorcade, and at every opportunity.  Prolly made him feel important.  "This extremely irresponsibly behavior is nonstop and occurs on a daily basis."

First he apologized, then he backed down and said there was no truth to it and that the LT (Ardolini) that dropped a dime on him was a 'henchman' or summat, of the governor and Lt. Gov., then he comes out in full support of the State Police and has nothing but respect.  The story would have been dead and buried but he kept digging it back up.

So I have Schadenfreude, whether this is a red on red battle or just Gansler shooting himself in the foot, either way.

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J.T. Oden said...

Has Maryland any hope of a Republican Governor? Have I ever invited you to move to Texas?