Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sikh Higher Office

So the son of the Sikh man killed by that asshole in Wisconsin is going to challenge Paul Ryan's seat in Congress.

I wonder if he is anti Second Amendment.  The Sikh man.  Presumably, since he is a Dem/Prog/Lib he has to at least give a nod to gun restriction policies.  Add to the fact that his father was murdered in a mass shooting.

But I don't know.

How does a Sikh reconcile being against self defense especially when a family member died because he couldn't defend himself adequately by law?  That's not how I understand the religion and someone more knowledgeable will have to explain it to me.

My understand is that Sikh are almost natural allies in self defense policy.  And to be allied with a Sikh is as good as being allied with a Gurkha or a US Marine.  Fierce and brave and forthright.  

Natural, allies, but maybe not here.  It bears watching.  I hope I am mistaken.


Old NFO said...

I hope so too... NOT good!

Chris said...

Some Catholics support abortion. Just because your particular religion preaches some philosophical dogma does not mean that its individual members cannot perform the mental gymnastics needed to oppose that dogma while proclaiming their piety.

OTOH, I'm an atheist (NOT an anti-theist: I don't care what others believe as long as I don't have to pay for it, which is why I dislike those who worship the state), so I don't have that particular, um, cross to bear.

Unknown said...

I'm in Wisconsin, and live not far from the temple much of the time (easy driving distance at least). Perhaps I'll visit and chat with them, as I've long held a deep respect for the Sikh religion.

Geodkyt said...

Chris -- "dogma" in the Catholic Church doesn't mean what you seem to think it means.

Catholics may challenge many things and disagree with the Church's official opinion on many items, and so long as they are not a dogmatic belief, they're OK. Married priests, women priests, homosexual conduct and gay marriage, divorce, extramarital sex, gun control, social welfare, literal errancy of specific passages of teh Bible, whetehr or not Mass should be in Latinetc., ALL of these are "nondogmatic" beliefs, and you are free to argue with teh Church and advocate for their change (or retention).

A dogmatic belief is something VERY different. It is literally, an unchallengeable belief that you cannot ignore, "explain away", or oppose, and remain a Catholic. Period. The penalty for having ANYTHING to do with procuring (which is interpreted in the WIDEST manner possible under canon law) an elective* abortion is automatic excommunication, even if the Church isn't aware of your action. It is one of only a handful of automatic ex communications. And, unlike almost all other excommunicable offences, you cannot have it lifted by your parish priest -- it MUST go to at least the diocesian level.

However, the American College of bishops gives a pass to liberal politicians and their supporters who may be pro-choice, because they are "on teh right side" of all the liberal social justice issues the American College of Bishops is so enamored with (despite NOT A SINGLE ONE of those social justice issues being dogmatic!).

* Yes, that includes "therapeutic" abortions. However, the dogmatic and canoical bacn doesn't apply to life saving medical procedures that merely result in an abortion, even when the abortion is a automatically a result -- so long as the purpose was not to procure an abortion.

Windy Wilson said...

How does this man, as a Sikh, reconcile his anti-self defense belief with the Sikh religious requirement that he carry a blade for self defense whenever he's in public? It seems that the open carry people are missing something by not forming a new Christian sect that takes the bible verse "he that has no sword let him sell his cloak and buy one", which, to my knowledge is in one of the Gospels, not the Pauline letters.