Monday, October 7, 2013

Holster, Shoulder, Leather, Left

I wanted a shoulder holster and remembered one from when I was a kid.  It was leather and held the pistol in place with a leaf spring inside the leather.  Because of this, it can hold a plethora of pistol types.

Ah, it was a bianchi x-15. 

Left handed, of course.

There is one issue that gives me pause for semi-autos.  See if you can see it:

A little to easy to get stuff up into that trigger area.  Sure, the thumb safety would have to be off, and the grip safety depressed to have an 'incident' with clothes of a pocket pen or pencil touching the trigger, but I still don't like that. 

Fine for my big revolver, however. 

That's what I get for trying to save a buck.  A less than ideal setup.

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Will said...

Either you don't have the gun properly positioned in the holster (the trigger guard area should be where the strap is), or the holster is too short. I think you just don't have it shoved deep enough. Muzzle should be touching, or close to, the bottom. Those X-15 rigs came in a variety of sizes. My biggest/longest will hold a Ruger Redhawk .41mag 7.5", or Ruger .22 Govt Target 6 7/8".

Bianchi also has one called "The Sting", which has an "X" nylon strap system. Mine is for up to 3" snubbies, but think it might fit an Officers 45.

The X-15 is similar to the rig that was used in the "Dirty Harry" movies. Main drawback to this type is they are bulky, which makes concealment more difficult. Takes a longer jacket, like a safari type, for me. Advantage is you can draw out the top while wearing a heavy coat that is closed, or rip through the front if unbuttoned. Bull barrels won't fit thru the front, though (Ruger .22).