Wednesday, October 2, 2013


SO there was a rumor going around that the MD AG was refusing to let any pistol be delivered.

"@EmilyMiller Just came from On Target. Heard 2nd hand they were told today by MD State Atty to not release ANY handguns. Total ban in effect"

Hey!  OnTarget is my range.  Well, I was working late and I went to a gunstore a few miles away.  My guy there was featured quite entertainingly here.

Well, 2A Sales and Supplies said they were still delivering pistols and had heard no stop order from on high.

Also, a training establishment opened 2 doors down that will fulfill the training requirement to get an Handgun Qualification License that you will need to buy pistols in the future in this state.  Get their cert, get fingerprinted, fill out the forms and you can buy again.  So there is progress on that front. 

I'm not in a hurry to get the HQL as I'm not sure I want to play Maryland's reindeer games. 

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Laura said...

i didn't get everything on my list but i'm done with Maryland's ridiculousness.