Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Too Late

We are suing Maryland for their onerous new gun laws.

MD AG Dougy Gansler, heir apparent to the Governor's mansion, said we waited too long.  So he is moving to have it thrown out.

Oh?  I'm not a lawyer, but...  We don't really have standing until the law comes into effect, today, now do we?  A law has to burden someone before it is generally recognized by the courts.  Segregation was Democrat enacted settled law in Maryland and elsewhere before Brown v Board finally knocked it down.  Is Gansler saying you have only a week or two after the bill is signed into law?  That's not the way I understand things.

Today, I have to have a Handgun Qualification License to purchase a revolver or pistol.  Thing is, there is no way to get a HQL, so this legislation is a defacto ban on me, or anyone else, being able to purchase the best means to protect myself from aggressors.  It infringes on an established Constitutional right.

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