Thursday, October 24, 2013


I see...

  1. Ban hunting near the capitol, and poison the pests instead.  Gunfire was confused with bad men.
  2. Ban the poison, as it was killing non-pests
  3. Be totally overrun with wild boars.

Washington DC is the same way.  We don't have the pigs yet, but give it time.  We have bear sighting, coyotes, maybe a Catamount seen.  Won't be long before pigs or wolves sneak into downtown via Rock Creek Park and break into the National Zoo for food.

My solution?  Same as for bed bugs.  Dump them in the Senate cloak room and pest control by hunters and/or DDT will be legal as hell.

Especially when the DC feral hog get kinda biggish.  Talk about pork-barrel spending!

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