Sunday, December 14, 2014

Anyone Know?

I know a .44 magnum can penetrate one car door, then pass right through the other car door, with ease.  Not so much other handgun cartridges like .40 and .45 and 9mm...  They generally when through the one door and stayed in the car after that. 

But I don't remember or know what an ordinary round of .357 magnum would do?  Both doors?  Pistol, or carbine, to go through both doors?  Hmmm...


Guffaw in AZ said...

I remember us finding an abandoned, trashed, stripped car in the desert.
Let's just say 9mm FMJ didn't cut it, .45 ACP sometimes. .357 usually.
Of course, this is not scientific and it was a beefy late 60's domestic model (the experiment was in the mid-70's)


lordjim said...

Quickly, and from a phone, I remembered this: It also makes me want to try it on my own.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

i need to make box o truth more of an early goto resource, persoonally

Jerry The Geek said...

All I know for SURE about magnums is that I once fired a 180 grain semi-wadcutter hard-cast lead bullet from a Ruger Blackhawk.41 magnum revolver clear through a 10 inch live pine tree.

I nodded, holstered the gun, and when I got home I mentally removed it from my list of 'home defense' guns.

Except it's the one reserved for shooting from the top of the stairs down toward my hypothetically busted-down front door.

Note that nobody has attempted to bust through my front door since then, which I regard as A Good Thing.

abnormalist said...

the hard part is there are a lot of "things" in a door that can slow down a bullet. Power window regulators, lock hardware etc.

If you get a good shot that just hits sheet metal, yeah a 357 is going through both. both power window regulators, and I doubt it