Thursday, December 4, 2014

BB Kid

The Cleveland Kid that had a BB gun and got aired out by the cops from what was presumed a "Do stupid things, win stupid prizes."

The rookie that shot him wasn't exactly a rookie and,  WTF?!!!
Officer Timothy Loehmann, who killed Tamir Rice on 22 November, was specifically faulted for breaking down emotionally while handling a live gun. During a training episode at a firing range, Loehmann was reported to be “distracted and weepy” and incommunicative.

For the love of...  A head case?!  If this stuff turns out to be even half true.  Doesn't sound like he should have been able to pass the smell portion of the NICS check.

I don't even know anymore.  I had no sympathy for Trayvon (see:  'Justice For').  Or that Ferguson behemoth.  Never go for another man's gun when you are high on the Doobie, Reefer Addicts.  But that kid with the Airsoft in a Wal Mart a coupla month ago.  Or this kid in Cleveland?  Or even that New York guy hocking looseys.  And I'm not even coming at this from the race angle.  (Plus, cops have been dropping white dudes, of late, and also not getting indicted, there is just less press) I'm more concerned about the LEOs going a little gungho hinky.

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