Tuesday, December 16, 2014


You want federal universal background checks? Sure. No problem. But what are you offering in return?

This is politics. I mean, the last time gun control laws were passed nationwide there hadn't really ever been a SCOTUS ruling. Now there have been a few and it's not longer a gray area. It's a right. So, lets start with that. You anti-gun pols gotta admit it's a right and you were wrong all along. Just words. Easy peasy. Like nothing.

It's been almost 50 years since the 1968 Gun Control Act. You are right, that needs fixing. Let's repeal it. I mean, what's the point? If someone says yes on a 4473 question and is lying and thus has committed a felony, well... no one cares. No one get's prosecuted. Why bother filling out the form if it is menaignless. You are gonna call it in with a NICS check anyway and that covers your 4473 questions right there.

Now, the background check itself. You don't want to get those fat cat gun dealers a source of revenue, do ya? You people clamoring for a universal background check regime don't like them anyway, so why enrich them? Make it something like a mark on a persons DL. I know the state does driver licenses, but you have no qualms about unfunded mandates for the states. Or withholding highway funds until they comply. It's how you got the states to change the drinking age to 21. So now have a little box on the DL that says 'yes' or 'no' on allowed to purchase guns so regular people can sell to regular people without a gunstore intervening. Everyone's happy. If someone BECOMEs a prohibitted person you can punch a hole on the 'yes' part and then order them to get a new license ASAP.

Another thing this helps. You people that want Universal Background Checks say you don't want to confiscate guns from the law abiding and you certainly don't want to start up some illegal gun registration regime. You swear up and down you don't want that. And I for one BELIEVE you! You are right. So, I'm sure you don't have a qualm about accepting one little suggestion on the new system. Don't include serial numbers in the check. I mean it doesn't matter, right? Pistol or Shotgun or Long-gun. Maybe a caliber. That's plenty. See, this will make passing a UBC law more palatable to those crazed gun clingers that are more skeptical of your motivations and schemes than I am. They think you are all about incrementalism and slippery slopes toward disarming the country. Bushwa! You and I know it CAN'T be that, uh-huh... Anyhoo. This should put their unfound fears to rest. You get what YOU want, my side get's a few things in return. Not all we want, but a good starting point. It's Win Win!

So, $20 transfer fee and some kind of web submission listing the name and DL numbers of both parties, the app responds with a tracking number and NJT in Maryland buys a 'long gun' from MBtGE in Virginia.

Oh that's one other thing you should do. THis isn't 1968 anymore and we have a nationwide NICS system so that prohibition against selling pistols across state lines is obsolete. So I could sell a pistol to MBtGE if I wanted an it'd be fine.

Might as well drop suppressors from the NFA tax stamp regime, too. A ban on that was silly to start with. Put that in the bill to sweeten it. What else? Some other small stuff. Like protections so someone can hand a pistol to someone else at the range to try it out or loan a rifle to a hunting buddy because his is broken that week. Little stuff. Fine tuning. Pre-emption over some state laws...  No biggee, but helps the medicine go down.

So this will be a big bill and everybody can shout and tear their shirt "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!" "Think of the CHILDREN!" etc... and then pass it in the end anyway and we are all good.

There, solved it for you.

(Serendipitously, after I composed this post I noticed Sebastian did this.  Heh.  Yeah, stole my Thunder... bolt...)

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Kristophr said...

Suppressors were put on the NFA as part of a last ditch effort to prevent FDR from banning pistol ownership.

The word "pistol" was replaced with the word "silencer" at the last moment.

When you know this, the tax on short barrelled rifles and shotguns, and the weird language in the suppressor section starts to make sense. It was all originally about preventing people from making pistols by cutting down long arms, or by assembling pistols out of the huge store of pistol parts in inventory.